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John Karran

Standing in Douglas East

Candidate Details

Age: 62
Maritial Status: Single
Place of Birth: Douglas
Childern: 2
Occupation: Chef


6, Auckland Grove

Contact Details

Tel 07624 414930
Email johnwillkarran@manx.net
Website http://www.johnkarran.com

Political History

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Candidate Views

What is your view on health care provision on the Island?

With the new Hospital our health care must be in a position to offer some of the best services available.

Having to wait days for a Doctor appointment does seem rather pointless and this should be improved.

Anecdotally, one hears many 'horror stories' about GPs and the hospital but the Health Minister always seems to be on the defensive about these.

Honesty from the Govt means that blame should be accepted where due and remedies put in place.

Does the Island provide a good education?

Statistically, we provide a high level of Education to 'most' of our Children.

With our need to save Govt spending, care must be taken to ensure that the chance of University places are not increased too much or measures introduced to discourage students seeking Uni places. This latter probably being the next measure to be tried by the Govt.

We still have far too many Children leaving school with too poor an undertanding of the basics and what this could help them achieve in the workplace, with their self-esteem and their contribution to our Society.

We should give these Children more hope for their futures.

Should the Island be independent?

If it were economically sound to do so, why not?

Trouble is, our Govt release far too little info for us to either, believe them, whatever they say would be best or for us, or to be able to assess the situation for ourselves.

Some form of greater autonomy, tax controls and ties with other trading partners could serve to increase the image and self belief of the Island, for all who live here.

Don't expect control of indirect taxation to lead to lower taxes though, in our current economic situation, tax increases are more likely!

What are your views on the islands taxation regime and VAT?

Again, lack of information from the Treasury, our true fiscal position and their assessment of the effects of various tax changes on our business sectors make it hard to trust our Govt when they tell us that tax increases are necessary.

Have they considered other means of balancing the books? Why don't they tell us what these are?

What is absolutely certain, is that the burden of our economic recovery, of increasing the govts revenue, must not fall unfairly on the different parts of our Society or business sectors.

Is inflation hurting the Isle of Man?

Price increases always hurt and hurt most for those who can least afford to pay more for basic commodities.

Should there be state owned monopolies or free market competition (i.e. Water, Post, Gas, Electricity, Telecom's, Ferry Travel etc..)?

I would not favour sale and lease back of the power station or any Govt entity, it would almost cetainly lead to more increased costs to us.

Some services could be considered for sale to Private sector companies, with carefull tendering conditions to ensure service to outlying areas, the Bus service could be one?

Should we have an open seas policy like the open sky's policy?

The 'Open Skys Policy' has not exactly brough low airfares has it? Would similar for sea services be any different?

Does the Island do enough to protect its environment?

We could always do more in this area but the biggest visible damage to our environment is caused by us. Why are we so mucky? Why do we think that it is acceptable to dump rubbish just anywhere?

Where do you see the future of the Islands economy (i.e. Finance, Manufacturing, Service, Tourism, Film, Space etc)?

All our current business sectors are important, some are worth pursuing to encourage them to expand, stay on the Island and continue to contribute to our economy.

I would like to see much more effort put into expanding the manufacuring sector. This would be to provide job alternatives to those at the bottom end of our current job market, raise their standard of living and allow those who have missed out on our Finance sector 'boom' to enjoy some of the 'Freedom to Flourish' that they were promised by past Govts.

Where do you think new jobs can be generated?

Manufacturing! Without talking ourselves out of opportunities by exagerating the 'huge' expanse of Irish Sea to cross. One wonders how we get produce onto the Island!

Should the Chief Minister and MLC's be publicly elected?

The Chief Minister, yes. There are a number of methods to achieve this.

Legco should be scrapped and replaced by 'Scrutiny Committees', selected from the body of a 32 (or less) seat Keys.


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