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Peter Hill

Standing in Douglas North

Candidate Details

Age: 61
Maritial Status: Married
Place of Birth: England
Childern: 2
Occupation: Clerk to Lonan Parish Commissioners


Torwood Lea,
Chapel Lane,

Contact Details

Tel 862492
Email peter.hill@liberalvannin.org
Website http://www.liberalvannin.org

Political History

Clerk to Lonan Parish Commissioners since April 2003 and Deputy Clerk to Laxey Village Commissioners since August 2008.

Candidate Views

What is your view on health care provision on the Island?

It is key to the successful provision of health services in the island that resources are managed effectively and targeted to maintain an embracing service. Health care should always be free at the point of delivery.

Does the Island provide a good education?

Ensuring that the children of today have the best start to their careers is essential for a prosperous and healthy society. Whilst academic subjects should be provided so should vocational matters be dealt with in the same way. The investment in education that has taken place must not be lost. We must adopt policies that are aimed at the needs of the island rather haplessly copy policies elsewhere that may be irrelevant or ill suited.

Should the Island be independent?

This is a very emotive subject given the current climate, but very careful consideration needs to be given to this idea. Firstly the residents of the island should be consulted by referendum, to establish whether there is an appetite for change, and secondly, any timetable to establish independence must be determined by ensuring improvements in the quality of good governance in the management of the islands affairs.

It is equally essential  that the provision of external services currently provided in the United Kingdom, that are of benefit to the island, such as medical care, are not compromised, or are obtainable elsewhere.

What are your views on the islands taxation regime and VAT?

The current low tax status of the island is crucial to the success of the economy and indeed, to some extent mitigates the high costs of living experienced by everyone.

The VAT position with the United Kingdom and the recent changes in the agreement have highlighted how vulnerable we are to them and we should now be looking very carefully as to whether or not it would be more beneficial to create our own system of indirect taxation to fund the services and life we enjoy.

Raising taxes to increased funds to pay for services is not an option and that due prudence in Government spending should be a priority.

Is inflation hurting the Isle of Man?

Pay and social benefits seldom keep pace with or ahead of inflation and rising costs reduce the income and spending within the island and its businesses.

To remain a competitive trading partner with the rest of the world Government needs to focus very carefully on those areas that have the biggest impact on maintaining a good competitive partner.

We have witnessed how badly some matters, such as the User Agreement and the management of the affairs of the MEA have been handled, which has had financial consequences for everyone. Some a lot harder than others.

Should there be state owned monopolies or free market competition (i.e. Water, Post, Gas, Electricity, Telecom's, Ferry Travel etc..)?

It can be argued that the Government is providing services that normally would be considered to be operated within the private sector as distinct from a nationalised operation. We have seen widespread privatisation in the United Kingdom that has not been successful, for example the railways, for which the UK tax payer is now paying more for this than when it was a nationalised industry. This does not mean that it is not a viable consideration if it is carried out correctly.

Given the island status we have, any privatisation must be conditional on the Government retaining  a stake in it to ensure that the services remain for the benefit of the island and not become a pawn on the stock market.

We have seen this with the Steam Packet and the Airline.

Should we have an open seas policy like the open sky's policy?

Yes!  Provided that it is properly regulated to ensure that affordable travel is maintained in order to ensure that our trading and tourist economy is allowed to flourish.

However whilst the Link Span agreement is in place, any decision to progress this matter cannot be considered until comes to an end in 2026.

Does the Island do enough to protect its environment?

More could be done in this field to achieve greater energy efficiency both to protect our environment and profitability by encouraging more households and businesses to seek solutions to non-carbon forms of fuel, the harnessing of tidal and wave power and the promotion of electrically powered vehicles.

Given the beauty of the Manx countryside the use of wind power needs to be very sensitively dealt with so that it doesn’t prejudice the visual amenity and enjoyment of it.

Where do you see the future of the Islands economy (i.e. Finance, Manufacturing, Service, Tourism, Film, Space etc)?

The future success of the islands economy will be determined by demonstrating open, effective and efficient governance and that the island is an affordable and accessible place to do business both in the finance sector as well as tourism and manufacturing. The Government has made excellent progress in encouraging diversity such as the aircraft and shipping registers but need to go further to obtain other areas of trade. There needs to be a balance of economy so that no one area dominates the market, thus ensuring a spread of income sources.

Where do you think new jobs can be generated?

We need to encourage businesses to develop all over the island and not just in a particular region so as to bring prosperity to all given the infrastructure spin offs that can result. We would seek to form a charity to lease suitable sites and with the assistance of organisations such as the Chamber of Commerce,  the Institute of Directors, successful businessmen and businesswomen encourage investment into these areas.

With a country of this size, in the end it is only the Government that can create the correct environment for new jobs and businesses.

Should the Chief Minister and MLC's be publicly elected?

Yes!   The Chief Minister should be popularly elected from the members of the House of Keys. We believe that prospective candidates at a General Election should announce their intention to stand as Chief Minister and provide a manifesto as to their policies if successful. MLCs should be subject to public approval.


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Details will appear here.