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John Houghton

Standing in Douglas North

Candidate Details

Age: 52
Maritial Status: Separated
Place of Birth: Douglas
Childern: 2
Occupation: Politician


3 Willow Close
Birch Hill

Contact Details

Tel 01624 628397

Political History

MHK since 1996

DHSS 1996-1998

DOE 1996-1998

DOLGE 1998-2005

Chair OFT 2000-2005

Chair Civil Service Commission 2005- present

Candidate Views

What is your view on health care provision on the Island?

Financial support needs to be increased to support delivering improvements in all aspects of health. This is priority one.

Does the Island provide a good education?

Yes. Second to health, education needs to be developed and maintained to a high standard.

Should the Island be independent?

The new government needs to conduct full and detailed assessments of the Islands position due to the severe reduction in revenue in order to provide a clean view of the direction Tynwald must take in the future. This exercise will take time and must inform the Islands residents of a reliable and robust way forward.

What are your views on the islands taxation regime and VAT?

The new VAT Sharing Arrangement has been finalised. Careful negotiations need to be undertaken with the UK, with political allies on board at that time with good relations being fostered now.

An all powerful taxation commission should be setup to advise Tynwald on the way forward providing the foundation for future policy.

Is inflation hurting the Isle of Man?

Residents have resorted to purchasing goods via the Internet to make large savings. This will harm retailers and damage our economy.

Should there be state owned monopolies or free market competition (i.e. Water, Post, Gas, Electricity, Telecom's, Ferry Travel etc..)?

A full review of state own monopolies required to be urgently undertaken to assist the review of revenue following the reduction of VAT.

Careful consideration of each entity remains to be undertaken before Tynwald decides on a way forward.

Should we have an open seas policy like the open sky's policy?

I would be wary of promoting an open seas policy due to the past failures to operate more than one carrier. Fair and reasonable controls need to be promoted on our sea carrier to ensure fares are fair.

Does the Island do enough to protect its environment?

More is done to protect our environment by legislation and social attitudes.

The work done by voluntary organisations in the countryside should be commended.

Where do you see the future of the Islands economy (i.e. Finance, Manufacturing, Service, Tourism, Film, Space etc)?

We must continue to diversify the Islands economy in all sectors.

The development of small industries would provide sustained employment and assist all areas of our economy.

Where do you think new jobs can be generated?

I would support investment particularly in small light industry initiatives. ( for the above reasons)

Should the Chief Minister and MLC's be publicly elected?

I have always supported public election for members of the Legislative Council and will continue to do so.

I would only support public election of a Chief Minister if a properly though through bill contains the transparent machinery which was clearly understood by all.


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Details will appear here.