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Richard Kissack

Standing in Douglas East

Candidate Details

Age: 42
Maritial Status: Married
Place of Birth: Douglas
Childern: 4
Occupation: Accountant


6 Falcon Cliff Court,

Contact Details

Tel 623565
Email richard@votekissack.com
Website http://www.votekissack.com/

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Political History

I was elected unopposed to Douglas Council in April 2008 while I was a member of Liberal Vannin but subsequently resigned. Whist a Councillor for Douglas Corporation I have served on the Leisure Services Committee, the Pensions Committee and the Twinning Committee, recently in the role of Vice-Chairman and served as a member of the Works Committee.

Candidate Views

What is your view on health care provision on the Island?

I firmly believe that the health care service on the island is superior to similar areas within the UK. This service must be protected but of course, as in any service, can always be improved on. We have heard much in recent times about prolonged waiting lists, for example for clinics, however consultation with the professionals would show that this is not the case, but it is up to the Department to monitor this. The reciprocal health agreement with the UK which costs the island around £2m this year should be reviewed to ensure it really represents value for money.

Does the Island provide a good education?

Generally the island does provide a good education for GCSE and GCE Advanced level success rates would indicate this. With the increased diversification of the population special care should be taken to ensure that no one culture benefits educationally at the expense of another.

Should the Island be independent?

We should concentrate on strengthening home rule and keeping the stability that the island has enjoyed while keeping an eye on any further steps towards independence. The relationship with the UK has largely been satisfactory and profitable but we must be aware that the relationship with the EU as well as other international bodies may supersede our relationship with the UK. We may be forced to accept the loss of meaningful home rule or go for independence.

What are your views on the islands taxation regime and VAT?

National Insurance contributes effectively £200m which compares with £179m for the income tax division and £342m from Customs & Excise. It would seem that a disproportionate burden falls on the employee, but since this can only be addressed by addressing the entire economy it may be worth saying that we need to strengthen the private sector which should protect government revenue.

Is inflation hurting the Isle of Man?

A rate of around 7% RPI for July 2011 seems to be on the high side. This is likely to hurt the most vulnerable in our society and we should try to ensure that they are looked after.

Should there be state owned monopolies or free market competition (i.e. Water, Post, Gas, Electricity, Telecom's, Ferry Travel etc..)?

On an island this size with a resident population of around 85,000 it would seem impossible to operate more than one water provider for example since the scale of investment in infrastructure would seem to exclude the possibility of competition so a well run state owned or publicly owned monopoly would seem to be the best option. For the island it may be best to break functions down in to constituent parts and outsource these to private enterprise.

Should we have an open seas policy like the open sky's policy?

Possibly, but since we did not get to see the OFT report on sea freight pricing it is difficult to comment further.


Does the Island do enough to protect its environment?

It is a balancing act which requires different priorities in different circumstances. In general it seems as though we are blessed with lots of glens, beaches and hill walking area. In general it seems fine to me but I am open minded enough to look into this in more detail.

Where do you see the future of the Islands economy (i.e. Finance, Manufacturing, Service, Tourism, Film, Space etc)?

We should build our renewable energy industry and become a net exporter of energy rather than an importer of gas.

I see the island capitalising on its true natural resources, its people, the stability the island enjoys and the natural beauty of our island. The people of the island are world class though they are too polite to interrupt those who like to tell them that they are second class. The future is in maintaining a stable society despite the turbulence elsewhere which will ensure that the island is seen as a safe place to come and live as well as stash some cash.

Where do you think new jobs can be generated?

We should build our renewable energy industry and become a net exporter of energy rather than an importer of gas.

We should exploit our long term stability for commercial gain and try to be well known as a safe haven. This could welcome wealthy entrepreneurs looking for a safe stable place to weather the economic storms ahead.

In general my strategy would be based upon attempting to keep money on the island rather than job creation per se. Money spent on island is much better for our economy than money spent off island that we shall never see again.

Should the Chief Minister and MLC's be publicly elected?

This is of fundamental importance and cuts to the quick of our style of democracy. In a nutshell at the moment we elect representatives who do what they think is best. Tynwald elects a chief minister and MLCs.

If the election of CM is done by the public, it will certainly force the introduction of some kind of party politics into the island as putting oneself forward as an individual will almost be impossible without the backing of an organisational support structure. I am not against party politics but I am dead against its domination by devious means.


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Details will appear here.