Ritchie McNicholl to defend seat

Publication Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2008

Ritchie McNicholl is to stand for re-election in this coming Local Authority elections. He has been a Councillor, for Murrays Ward, since 1993 and is currently Chairman of the Public Works Committee. This Committee is responsible for Waste Collection, Street Cleaning and Public Lights amongst other duties, Mr McNicholI states that one of his main concerns is Dilapidated property, he says "if re-elected I would seek to have more powers from Government. To tackle this growing problem there needs to be a change in the law so empty properties would pay rates, and the owners taken to Court if they did not comply."

Mr McNicholl is also very keen on Green Issues and all the newer Street Lights are now low energy, he also supports composting and the campaign to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The Corporation has recently signed up to the Cleaner, Safer, Greener organisation which will benefit Douglas in the future. He also welcomes the announcement by the Government to invest in the Town Centre for the benefit of everyone. "Over the years the Corporation has built up a working relationship with other agencies, now this has taken on a new meaning with closer ties to the Police, the Fire Service and different Departments of Government to achieve the type of environment we want in Douglas."

"Staffing is one of the biggest outlays, in monetary terms, we have in Douglas, and this needs to be watched if we are to keep the Rates under control"

Mr McNichol1 said" I have always spoken my mind, I am not afraid to stand up and challenge something I don't believe to be right for the Ratepayers of Douglas, I have always been open and honest and have tried to do my best for Murrays Ward and Douglas. If re-elected I will continue in this manner."