Press Release - Carol Quine declares she will stand in Castletown

Publication Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2008

Liberal Vannin welcomes Carol Quine of 3, Close Malew, Farrant Park, Castletown, who stands as one of their candidates for the forthcoming Castletown Commissioners.

Carol a civil servant with 3 grown up children, says, "I am delighted to stand for the Liberal Vannin Party in order to hold the Commissioners of Castletown more to account so adding to the life of Castletown. Housing, children's facilities and youth facilities have to be prominent on my agenda. As a Liberal Vannin candidate I believe you need to have more transparency and accountability both at national and local government levels. With the support of the Liberal Vannin Party I believe I can make a contribution to the wellbeing of the local community".

Peter Karran MHK, the leader of the Liberal Vannin Party has expressed his delight that the people of Castletown will be given the chance to vote for a Liberal Vannin candidate and hopes that the people will support the Party as it is important to return to the principle that public service works for the people and not the other way round. He has known Carol for the past 15 years and believes that she will be an upright and hardworking commissioner and an asset to the town. Peter Karran says, "we need more women in politics and I am confident that Carol will be an asset to the Party as a whole in the long compaign to get more effective and efficient government".

END. Contact Carol Quine on 242525, for further information.