Press Release - Steve Babb declares that he will contest Onchan

Publication Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2008

Steve Babb, who was a candidate at the last General Election has joined the Liberal Vannin Party and intends to stand as a candidate in Onchan at the forthcoming local elections.

Steve says, “I am very concerned by the mismanagement of the finances in Onchan over previous years, resulting in the latest 9% increase in rates. If elected, I intend to find ways of reducing the authority’s unnecessary expenditure, in particular through schemes such as working with other local authorities to take advantage of collective purchasing and resource sharing wherever possible.

The Commissioners represent the heart of Onchan, they need to not only talk to local residents, but most importantly listen. I intend to do everything I can to improve communication within the village, getting local people more involved in the discussions about key local issues.

The Liberal Vannin Party offers a unique opportunity to share expertise and ideas across the Island without having to worry about political rivalry or one-upmanship. Amongst the members are several persons with a wide range of experiences, which can be harnessed by other member’s for guidance & support. I believe that this means a vote for one Liberal Vannin candidate offers people far more than another one person could deliver alone. Most importantly though, it means there is a public commitment and therefore public accountability to meet promises made by candidates”.

END. Contact Steve Babb, 423415/631321 for further information.