Press Relase - Leonard Singer announces his intention to stand for election in Ramsey

Publication Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008

Leonard Singer, former Ramsey MHK and Member of the Legislative Council announces his intention to stand for election to Ramsey Commissioners at the local election on April 24th,

Leonard Singer, a Pharmacist, was a member of Ramsey Commissioners from 1991 to 1996 before election to Tynwald. He says:

" Living and working in Ramsey I speak to a lot of people and there is no doubt that there is general agreement that Ramsey has never looked so run down with businesses leaving, roads and pavements in poor condition, the general infrastructure becoming shabby, basically that Ramsey is a town forgotten by Government.

It needs a vision for the future which is not present at the moment. I would like to be a member of a Town Commission which is seen to be striving to get Improvement by putting pressure on those who have the power to do so, to spend the rates wisely Ito have new constructive Ideas, to see "open government where the residents are Informed what is happening and where the people find their Commissioners willing to listen and act swiftly on their behalf.

This is my philosophy and that of an alliance of people with whom I will be standing for election. All of them have vast experience of, or within, Government and we will work together with any other like-minded elected Commissioners to revive Ramsey to its former attractiveness as a place to live, work, shop and invest."

Mr.Singer said that in recent years not enough information has come out of the Town Hall into the public domain and that consequently the public have become disillusioned and disinterested in local politics. There is a local election only once in four years and who runs the Town and how your rates are spent is equally important to who runs the Island.

Leonard Singer concluded, "The intention of myself and my Alliance colleagues is to listen to the residents of Ramsey whilst formulating policy so that they feel it is worthwhile to make the effort to vote, that their views are important. There is only one chance in four years to elect the right people to the Town Hall and I hope the public will give me their support when they consider my experience and knowing that I get things done"