Press Release - Nigal Malpass declares that he will contest North Ramsey

Publication Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2008

Liberal Vannin Party candidate Nigel Malpass has declared that he is to contest the North Ramsey seat in the forthcoming local elections.

He has observed over the past 18 months that the people of Ramsey are seeking local authority commissioners who are able to resuscitate life into the town of Ramsey by way of petitioning central government to realise that government departments & financial service providers can operate equally well in Ramsey. There is an abundance of Ramsey residents who are capable & experienced professionals who would welcome local employment rather than a daily trek to Douglas. This would also ease the traffic congestion & parking problems in Douglas.

Nigel believes that his business & life experience will be a valuable asset to Ramsey Commissioners and the people of Ramsey.

Now is an opportunity for Ramsey constituents to support candidates who can improve & better their quality of life.

END. Contact Nigel Malpass, 813774, for further information.